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Facilities Diagram

Below is a diagram of our facilities at Good Shepherd. Whether you plan on joining us either for one of our Sunday liturgies or will be here for a meeting during the week, this diagram will help orient you to our various meeting spaces.

If you need further information about our facilities, don't hesitate to contact the church office.

facility map

Good Shepherd Catholic Church Facilities Policy

The completion of the Community Center in 2009 closed out the building phase of our parish facilities.  We now have wonderful state of the art facilities to host meetings, weddings, receptions, anniversary parties and athletic events. Thanks to God and to the wonderful parishioners who have supported the growth and development of our facilities, we now have wonderful state of the art facilities and are able to host meetings, weddings, receptions, anniversary parties and athletic events.

From time to time we are asked how we determine how church facilities may be used for family or personal events.  Following is a brief highlight of the parish facilities use policy.

Parish facilities are available for use in the following priority sequence:
● Parish sponsored events
● School sponsored activities
● Knights of Columbus/Boy Scouts
● CYO athletic events-including practices
● Other activities at the discretion of the staff and pastor

No activities or events may be held during weekend or holy day masses.  Non-parish use of Good Shepherd facilities requires the completion of a reservation request form, an equipment check list and proof of or purchase of insurance for the event.  The Archdiocese, the owner of our facilities, requires the parish be added to an existing insurance certificate or the lessee must purchase special events coverage from Catholic Mutual, our insurance provider.

Inquiries regarding facilities use should be directed to Kathi Oppold or Steve Lemons in the church office 631-7116.

Scheduling Meetings at Good Shepherd

We have a beautiful facility and like to make it available for community use as much as possible.  Contact Kathi Oppold 631-7116, in the parish office to initiate a reservation. However, scheduling meetings in our facility is an ongoing challenge for our pastoral team. If a meeting is scheduled in the evening, a member of the pastoral team must be available to let the group into the building.

Please respect Sunday as a holy day for all, a day of rest as well as a time to spend with our families. Except during hours that the church is open for worship, meetings will not be scheduled in the building on Sundays. Thank you.