Getting Involved

Parishioners spend thousands of hours volunteering and donating the many resources needed to fulfill our mission. Offered as an expression of faith, we know that God will use our gifts invested in His work to change our lives and the lives of many in our parish our community and our world.

  • How can I serve
    and support?

  • How can
    I give?

  • Stewardship

  • Gifts of
    Appreciated Stock

You can assist our mission by:

  • Volunteering and participating in a ministry – There are catechists, advocates, organizers and 400+ mass ministers and more! We offer more than 140 ministries and groups, ways for you to get involved. (see Time & Talent Guide)

  • Contributing. Tithing makes our ministries possible. As we look to our parish goals and budgets for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, we see the amazing things God has accomplished with our financial gifts this year.
  • Complete and return your pledge card

  • Give 5% of your income to the Offertory collection

  • In-kind gifts i.e. nonperishable food, salad or desserts, socks and underwear, school supplies, etc. as requested

  • Stocks – Publicly traded or closely-held stocks owned for more than one year are appreciated. Click Gifts of Appreciated Stocks tab above

  • Join Good Shepherd's Legacy Society

Please prayerfully consider your commitment of treasure, fill out your forms and return them to the Parish Office. Thank you!

There are many advantages to donating closely-held stocks and mutual funds as a method of tithing to Good Shepherd. If you have owned publily traded or closely-held stocks for "more than one year," they are considered appreciated assets and can be transferred directly to Good Shepherd. In return, you as the donor can receive an immediate income tax deduction for the current fair market value of the stock no matter what you originally paid for it. In addition, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the gift.

The maximum deduction you may take within a given tax year is 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. If you are unable to take the entire deduction in one year, you may carry the excess deduction forward for five additional years.

To complete the transfer of a gift of stock to the Church, the stock must be transferred (not sold) to the archdiocesan brokerage account to benefit Good Shepherd. To insure proper posting and crediting of the stock transfer gift, please use the Transfer form provided (link to "Appreciated Stock Transfer Form")